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Welcome to Sansuikai Belgium

Sansuikai was founded by Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan to help and support other organisations or any individual Aikido school which needs instruction, help or advice concerning their Aikido activity.

All the members of Sansuikai are under Aikikai Honbu through Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan and affiliated to USAF (United States Aikido Federation). Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan has control and responsibility, however all the members are free to voice their requests and opinions.

Yamada Sensei is head and Technical Director of Aikido Sansuikai International.

This organisation is dedicated to spreading and maintaining the Japanese martial art of Aikido, under the regulations of the Aikikai Honbu Dojo and under the spirit of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, O’Sensei.

Sansuikai strives to promote goodwill and friendship among its members and other Aikido organisations around the world.

Sansuikai Belgium is the Belgian division of Sansuikai Europe and is represented by Peter Van Marcke shihan, secretary of Yamada sensei for Belgium and affiliated groups.

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